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Election Results Reporting

  • Unofficial results will be posted at the Secretary of State's website beginning after the close of polls at 8:00 P.M. on election night.
  • Results will be posted and updated by precinct as they transmit polling place results back to the county. 
  • These results will include all ballots cast at the polling place, as well as all absentee ballots counted through Election Day.
  • Accepted absentee ballots may be counted up for to 24 hours following the close of polls if additional time is needed (M.S. 203B.121 Subd. 5 (c)). 
  • Results will be updated to reflect those totals should any additional ballots still need to be counted. 
  • Results obtained on election night are unofficial and are proofed and reviewed following the election. 
  • Election results become official when approved by the Canvassing Board following each election. 

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