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Intake Orientation

Youth admitted to RJC complete a minimum 24-hour orientation room time to read the student handbook, learn their introduction, and review their individual due process contract. This time allows staff to assess youth to ensure they enter group chemical free with a basic understanding of the program expectations and pose low risk to the safety and security of other peers, staff, or the facility. Residents will have breaks throughout the 24-hour period.


RJC empowers residents to take personal responsibility for their actions, decisions, and programming. Behaviors need to reflect a caring, honest, respectful relationship with peers, staff, and facility. Daily behaviors and tactics are our invitation to address real thinking errors that perpetuate a pro-criminal lifestyle. Staff uses a variety of learning experiences to enable residents to examine their belief systems and try new behaviors. It is our belief that given healthy tools in a safe environment our residents can make decisions that are helpful to themselves, family, and community. This is the beginning in the change process.

Classification System

  • Males and females are programmed separately, except for 70/90 New Choices.
  • Pre-adjudicated and adjudicated males are programmed in separate living units.
  • All female residents are programmed together in one living unit.
  • We separate all young offenders (10, 11) and older offenders (EJJ 20 year olds) from the general RJC population.

Primary Counselor

All residents in RJC have an assigned counselor/probation. This counselor/probation officer will be the primary staff contact for you and your child to assist answering questions. See phone/visit/telephone policy for clarification on program contact with staff and residents.

Medical Information

Families are responsible for providing medical information to RJC staff at the time of intake including insurance company, policyholder, and policy number.