Biking and Walking

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Commuting or traveling by walking or biking reduces traffic congestion and has virtually no impact on the environment. There are numerous benefits to biking including saving money, reducing stress and improving health. Try combining transit and biking for those longer distance trips!

Bicycle Links

Anoka County Trail and Commuting Guide (PDF)
This is Anoka County’s bike map. To request a copy by mail, please 
email or call 763-324-3240.

Bunker Hills Regional Park Summer Map (PDF)

Bunker Hills Regional Park Winter Map (PDF)

Biking as Transportation Guide (PDF)
This is a 32-page "how-to" guide for Twin Cities bike commuting. To request a copy by mail, please email or call 763-324-3240.

Bike-n-Ride by Bus
Learn how to store your bike while using Metro Transit buses.

Bike Racks on Buses and Trains
Bike racks are available on all Metro Transit buses, light rail trains, and the Anoka County Traveler. There is no additional charge for using the bike racks. There are easy instructions are printed directly on the racks.

Biking to Northstar Commuter Rail Stations
Here you’ll find maps showing bicycle connections to all Northstar Stations. 

Bike Lockers
Bike lockers are weatherproof storage; like a garage for your bike. Bike lockers are available at many Park and Ride lots, light rail and Northstar stations, and many other Twin Cities locations. Annual rental (February 1-January 31), costs $48 plus a $40 refundable damage deposit. The rental fee is reduced by $4 for each month into the term, but month-to-month rental is not available. For more information, call 612-373-3333.

Customizable Bike Mapping Tool

ZAP Twin Cities
ZAP Twin Cities is a FREE bicycle commuting program.

Walking Links 

Mississippi River Trip Planner
The River Trip Planner is an easy-to-use Google-based map with embedded park destination and alternative transportation (bus, rail, bike, boat, and walking) information that can help you determine how best to access your National Park without a car. It is oriented around nine alternative transportation “nodes” that provide car-free access to the river but can also be used to access the park’s destinations both in and outside these nodes.

Walking Maps
This link provides hiking/walking maps within the Anoka County Parks System.

Go Anoka County
Go Anoka County is an online resource that identifies opportunities to engage in physical activity; such as biking or walking for transportation, exercising for pleasure, playing in the park, and finding public recreation opportunities and facilities.