Victim/Witness Services

Our Mission

The mission of Anoka County Victim / Witness Services is to protect the rights and interests of crime victims and witnesses in the criminal justice system, while encouraging participation in the court process and addressing individual needs brought on by victimization.

Services We Provide

The Anoka County Victim / Witness Services unit provides victim and witness services for cases charged by the County Attorney’s Office only.

If you are a victim or witness of a case charged by a city attorney’s office within Anoka County, victim witness specialists are available to answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you through the prosecution process. Although we do not offer counseling, our staff will listen to your concerns and make appropriate referrals to services and support resources in the community.

What does a victim witness specialist do?

  • Helps crime victims understand their rights and the criminal justice system
  • Ensures victims’ statutory rights are upheld
  • Builds trust and rapport to support victims in strengthening their self-empowerment and decision-making
  • Provides ongoing information about the status of a case
  • Escorts victims to the courtroom and attends hearings with them
  • Encourages victims to participate in the prosecution process
  • Works with prosecuting attorneys to ensure victim input is considered in the criminal case
  • Reads victim impact statements in court if requested by victims
  • Liaison to other criminal justice agencies, such as law enforcement and corrections
  • Prepares victims and witnesses for testimony
  • Provides financial assistance, including restitution, reparations, emergency funds, and sexual assault victim funds
  • Refers to appropriate services

Your Rights

Minnesota Statute 611A provides the following rights to victims of crime:

  • The right to be notified
  • The right to participate in prosecution
  • The right to protection from harm
  • The right to apply for financial assistance
  • Additional rights afforded to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and harassment

Trial Updates

Information on trials can be accessed after 4 p.m. the day before you are subpoenaed to appear. For updates, follow these links:

Printable brochure that contains the information on this webpage