Swimming Pools and Spas

Licensing and Inspection

Anoka County Public Health and Environmental Services licenses swimming pools and whirlpool / spa pools at apartment buildings, hotels, food establishments, health clubs and other establishments as required by the Anoka County Public Swimming Pool Ordinance and the Minnesota Pool Code.

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These pools and spas are inspected annually for health and safety violations. The regulations for pools and spas are outlined in the Anoka County Public Swimming Pool Ordinance and the Minnesota Pool Code.

Apply for a License

Call 763-324-4243 to speak with a department representative and receive a license application along with the supplemental application.

Submit the Pool Application PLUS the Pool Supplemental Application and applicable license fee to the department.

If purchasing an existing facility with a swimming pool or whirlpool/spa pool, a compliance inspection must be conducted prior to the closing date of the sale. Swimming pool or whirlpool / spa pool licenses are not transferable to person or place. A new license must be obtained before you begin operation of the swimming pool or whirlpool/spa pool.

Plans for new swimming pools or whirlpool/spa pools must be submitted to the Minnesota Department of Health.

Certified Pool Operator

Public pools are required to have a certified pool operator and the operator’s certification must be posted (see Minnesota Rules, part 4717.0650, subpart 5). A certified trained operator must successfully complete a re certification course at least once every five years. For a list of courses, visit the course listings at the Minnesota Department of Health.

Minnesota Department of Health Pool Rule Amendments