Harassment Restraining Orders

Definition of Harassment

Harassment is defined as repeated, intrusive, or unwanted acts, words, or gestures, that are intended to adversely affect the safety, security, or privacy of another, regardless of the relationship between the actor and the intended target; targeted residential picketing; and a pattern of attending public events after being notified that the actor's presence at the event is harassing to another.

Restraining Order Process

A Harassment Restraining Order is a court order forbidding someone from harassing and/or making contact with another or any minor children in the home. The term "petitioner" refers to the person asking for the harassment order. The term "respondent" refers to the alleged harassing party.

Court staff cannot provide legal assistance or give legal advice. If an individual chooses to be self-represented, that individual will have the same responsibility as an attorney to follow court rules and procedures to move the case forward.

For additional information visit the Self Help Center on the Minnesota Judicial Branch website or visit the Anoka County Law Library.