Buying a NSP Property

Household looking to purchase your property must meet the required federal income levels. Anoka County is committed to assist you in working out the details. The buyers must complete a program application, just as you did, to purchase the property. DO NOT sign a purchase agreement until you have confirmation a buyer meets program eligibility.

  1. Applications should be submitted to Anoka County Community Development Program. Download the application (PDF).
  2. Information in the program application is confidential and details will not be shared with you or your realtor. Fair Housing and Equal opportunity rights could be violated if information is not processed directly at the county.
  3. Once an application is received, the County will review for program eligibility. Typically this process can take 2 to 4 days.
  4. The results of the application will be sent out in a form letter identifying only if a buyer “qualifies” or “not.”