Campaign Signs

After the election what to do with all of those yard signs?  There are several options in Anoka County.  


Keep signs to reuse again.


Paper, plastic and metal campaign signs can be recycled if recycled properly.  

Plastic yard sign

Paper Signs:

Remove metal stakes and any wood, recycle with mixed paper.

Plastic Signs:

Remove metal stakes and any wood, bring to a drop-off location for recycling, see below for details.  

Metals Signs & Stakes:

Separate any metal from the campaign sign and recycle with scrap metal. Deliver to one of the recycling drop-off centers in Anoka County.  

Large quantities of signs may also be delivered for recycling to the following locations:

Large Quantity Drop-off Options

Choice Plastics
5338 Shoreline Drive, Mound
Email Choice Plastics
Large quantities only.
Call 2-3 days prior for delivery instructions. Accepts Polypropylene plastic (PP) signs November 2020 only.