Child Support

Economic Assistance conducts interviews by phone. If your application requires an interview, a worker will contact you. The caller ID that will appear when they call is 763-422-7200. 

Child Support is located in the Blaine Human Services Center on 4th floor. Our lobby hours are 8:15 am to 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday.

If you have paperwork to submit, you can send it:

Document Drop Off Locations 

Anoka County is now accepting a variety of paperwork at two county locations. The locations accepting paperwork including vehicle tab renewals, property tax documents, child support and economic assistance applications, and reporting forms are:

Paperwork that CANNOT be accepted at drop boxes are documents related to legal service, litigation, or court matters. If your child support, economic assistance (EA), or property tax paperwork involves a petition or claim to the Anoka County Attorney, those documents MUST be served on the County Attorney. Please see your child support/EA paperwork for service by mail directions regarding legal proceedings. Questions about legal documents can be directed to the County Attorney’s Office: 763-324-5550.

Or you can also mail them to our regular mailing address listed on the right side of this page.


Child Support Services Communication Consent Form (DocuSign)

Your Child Support and the Federal Stimulus Payment

How to make a Child Support payment

Child Support Application

Apply for Unemployment Compensation

To watch a video about Child Support, click Here


The county administers a child support program whose goal is to help families work toward becoming or remaining self-sufficient through improved child support collections. By locating and working with both parents to establish and enforce support orders, the county’s child support program helps children receive basic support, medical and child care support.
Child support programs include the following:

Child Support Enforcement

The purpose of this program is to enforce support obligations, collect current and past due support payments and modify existing obligations. Services include:

  • Locate non-custodial parents
  • Enforce court ordered obligations for basic support, medical support and child care support
  • Modify existing court orders
  • Work with other states to enforce support when one parent does not live in Minnesota

Child Support Establishment

The purpose of this program is to establish a court order for basic support, medical support, and child care support. Services include:

  • Locate non-custodial parents
  • Identify and verify sources of income for non-custodial parents
  • Establish child support obligations

Child Support Paternity

The purpose of the paternity program is to help persons who have a child born outside of marriage to establish a legal parent and child relationship. Services include:

  • Locate alleged fathers
  • Coordinate genetic testing
  • Complete and/or file a Recognition of Parentage document with Minnesota Department of Heath
  • Adjudicate paternity through the court process
  • Establish child support obligations

Spousal Support

Parties that have a spousal maintenance only order can get help processing payments and keeping track of past due support. These limited services are called income withholding-only services.

Questions & Help

For general questions, call the Anoka County Economic Assistance Call Center at 763-422-7200. For more information visit The State of Minnesota website. Minnesota Child Support Online offers a secure, interactive website with direct access to case information for those who are already participating in child support.

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