Medical Programs

Available Programs

State and federally funded medical programs administered by the county may pay for all or part of a qualifying resident’s medical bills. The medical programs include:

  • Medical Assistance (MA) - MA is a federal program that may pay for qualifying persons’ medical, dental and prescription bills for three months prior to an application, as well as current and future medical expenses.
  • Medical Assistance for Employed Persons with Disabilities (MA-EPD) - This program allows working people with disabilities to qualify for Medical Assistance under higher income and asset limits. It is intended to encourage persons with disabilities to work and enjoy the financial benefits of being employed. Recipients pay a premium based on income.
  • Medical Assistance for Long-Term Care Services (LTC-MA) - The program may pay for nursing home services or in-home services for people who would otherwise need to be in a nursing home. LTC-MA is for persons who are disabled or age 65 and older. To talk to someone about the application process, please leave a message at this phone number: 763-324-2440.
  • MinnesotaCare (MCRE) - MCRE is a state-subsidized health care program for persons who do not have any other health care insurance. It is for single people and families who do not get MA. If they meet income, asset, residence and insurance guidelines, they pay a monthly premium for insurance based on family size, income and number of persons covered.
  • Refugee Medical Assistance (RMA) - RMA is a federal program that provides up to eight months of health care coverage to certain non-citizens who are considered refugees. Refugees must have been in the United States less than eight months and be ineligible for MA.

The Economic Assistance lobby:

The Economic Assistance lobby is located on the 4th floor of the Blaine Human Service Center. Our lobby horus are 8:15 am to 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday. Please Note: we now have a scheduled appointment intake and interview system.

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Be prepared to renew your Health Care Coverage

If you are enrolled in Medical Assistance (Medicaid) or MinnesotaCare, you need to renew your health insurance periodically. When you need to renew, you will receive an envelope in the mail.

Health Care Renewal Envelope

You can learn more about the renewal process Here

How to Choose your Health Plan

If you are enrolled in a Health Care Program, you may have been asked to select a Health Plan. The document below explains how to choose your Health Plan. Please note: Plan choices and options may be different for disabled adults and seniors age 65 and over. Information will be mailed to everyone who needs to choose a plan.

Choose your Health Plan

Minnesota Non-emergency Transportation 

Minnesota Non-emergency Transportation (MNET) provides transportation to medical appointments for people on Medical Assistance, some pregnant women and children on MinnesotaCare who have no other transportation available to them. If you are enrolled in a managed health care plan, call your plan for transportation assistance.

  • Blue Plus: 866-340-8648
  • Health Partners: 888-288-1439
  • UCare: 800-864-2157
  • United Healthcare: 888-444-1519

Resources and reimbursement

If you want reimbursement for mileage and parking expenses even if you are in a health plan, or if you receive your care "fee for service" (not enrolled in a health plan) and need assistance with medical transportation:

  • Call MTM at 1-866-467-1724

Instructions for requesting reimbursement can be found in the MCC Recipient Notice

The Trip Log form can be found MCC Trip Log

More information can be found on the MTM Website

Other information

Allowable medical transportation expenses

•Bus fare

•Taxi fare

•Light rail transit fare

•Mileage reimbursement (call in advance)

•Parking with a receipt

•Trips outside the local area, including transportation, lodging, and meals (call in advance).

"Fee for service"

Transportation must be to a Medical Assistance covered service from an enrolled provider or a service provider not enrolled with MHCP/DHS but could enroll with MHCP/DHS if they wanted to.

Medical Assistance "spenddown"

A Medical Assistance "spenddown" is like an insurance deductible. Non-emergency medical transportation does not count against the "spenddown". Non-emergency medical transportation is available and reimbursable even if the recipient spenddown has not been satisfied.