Snowmobile Registration

Minnesota Statute 84.82 requires that snowmobiles owned by Minnesota residents must be registered. A snowmobile registration is valid for three years and the registration years run from July 1 through June 30.

There are two options for snowmobile registration 

  • A snowmobile may be registered for trail use or non-trail use.
  • The trail use registration fee is $113.50 (plus filing fees) for 3 years and includes unlimited use of Minnesota’s 22,000 miles of state and grant-in-aid trails.
  • The non-trail use registration fee is $53.50 (plus filing fees) for 3 years and is not transferable. A snowmobile that is registered for non-trail use may NOT be operated on a state or grant-in-aid trail including a grant-in-aid trail in a road right-of-way.
  • A non-trail use registration requires a new registration number to be affixed to the snowmobile.
  • A state trail sticker is not valid for use on a non-trail use registered snowmobile.
  • If an individual wants to use a non-trail use registered snowmobile on a state or grant-in-aid trail, the snowmobile will need to be re-registered for trail use and a new registration number will be assigned.

A non-trail use registration decal will be yellow in color and is received by mail from the DNR.

How to Renew Snowmobile Registration

Snowmobile registration can be renewed by the owner at any Anoka County License Center. If you wish to renew someone else’s registration, you will need either the renewal post card from the DNR or a completed permission slip (Please note, spouses must also fill out the attached form if they do not possess the renewal card.)

How To Obtain Initial Snowmobile Registration

A snowmobile registration can be purchased by the owner, in person, at any Anoka County License Center.

When transferring a snowmobile currently registered in Minnesota, you must provide a bill of sale signed by the registered owner and the purchaser, and all vehicle information must be provided.

The owner must provide:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Serial number
  • Engine size in HP or cubic centimeters (cc’s)

Required Documents

When a new snowmobile is registered, the owner must present evidence of Minnesota sales tax paid or the sales tax will be due at time of registration.

Required Identification

You must provide a valid Driver’s license or Identification Card

Required Fees

Fees vary depending on whether the registration is for renewal, transfer, duplicate, etc. Exact pricing cannot be determined until all documents have been examined by a License Center representative.