Children's Reading Levels

Guided Reading Levels

Guided Reading Levels are more complex than Lexile Scores. They measure length of book, layout, plot, repetition, illustrations, vocabulary, characters, setting, content and theme.

Search for book titles at Scholastic Book Wizard. Results include Guided Reading Level, Grade Level Equivalent and Lexile Score.

Lexile Score

A Lexile score measures a book's difficulty level on a scale from low to high. A low Lexile score means a book will be easier to comprehend. Find out more at Lexile Find-a-Book. Use Novelist K-8 Plus to find Lexile Levels of favorite kids books.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a program schools may purchase to monitor reading comprehension. Teachers may request that students read books from an AR book list in order to take a quiz about the book. AR book lists are organized by readability level for books, using a formula similar to a Lexile score. Find out more at AR Book Finder.