Pay Library Bills

If you have outstanding bills on your library account you can make payment on those bills in a variety ways. Please be aware that having a balance owed of $10.00 or more on your account will prevent you from checking out any new items.

  1. Pay online with a credit or debit card
    • The minimum online payment amount is $1.00. An additional 50 cent convenience fee is added to each transaction by the service provider. When you pay online, the entire balance on your account must be paid. There is no option for only paying part of your total owed.
  2. Pay with a credit or debit card using the checkout stations in the library
  3. Pay with cash, check, credit, or debit card at the library service desk
    • The minimum credit or debit card payment amount is $1.00, but there is no minimum amount on cash or check payments.
  4. Pay by cash, credit, or debit card at the printer kiosk stations in the library

Steps to Use Online Payment

  • Log in to your account with your library card barcode and PIN
  • Select the Fines tab and review the fines and fees on your account.
  • Click the Pay Now button to continue to the payment screen.
  • Enter payment information (All payment fields are required. Email address for receipt is optional.)

Secure Transactions

  • The Library uses third-party payment providers that are compliant with PCI-DSS standards.
  • The Library does not collect or store any personal information or credit or debit card processing data.
  • Library fines and fees are cleared automatically from your library account during the payment process.
  • If your account continues to display outstanding fines and fees, please contact the Library for assistance.