Minnesota Alternatives


What: Implementation of single sort recycling and improvements to internal collection processes.

Why: To extend the care to the environment and make on-site recycling more convenient.

How: Partnering with a new waste hauler to get single sort recycling capabilities.

Results: Diverting nearly 3,000 pounds of recyclable material from the landfill annually.

Minnesota Alternatives Building

Minnesota Alternatives is committed to providing person-centered care for substance abuse and mental health issues. After a meeting with Minnesota Waste Wise, Minnesota Alternatives made the decision to extend this level of care and devotion to the environment as well.

An initial site visit conducted in the Spring of 2014 allowed Waste Wise to make a few recommendations regarding internal collections improvements and the addition of on site single sort recycling. Previously Minnesota Alternatives had only cardboard and paper recycling capabilities and Owner, Paula DeSanto, had been taking whatever recyclable material she could carry home with her to be taken by her residential service. Since their former waste hauler did not provide single sort recycling services, Minnesota Waste Wise provided information regarding new haulers and assisted in the process of setting up new service with a new hauler.

Now Minnesota Alternatives is more conveniently diverting waste and extending their recycling capabilities to everyone who steps into their facility. “We are now recycling any and all recyclables, and we really appreciate the convenience,” said DeSanto.
By improving collections inside their facility and adding on site single sort recycling capabilities with a new waste hauler, Minnesota Alternatives is now recycling nearly 3000 pounds annually. More importantly, they are extending the same care to the environment they give to the people whom they are committed to helping.