REM Millworks


What: Implementation of a cardboard and paper recycling program.

Why: To improve waste flexibility and reduce their impact on the environment.

How: Partnered with their existing hauler to add cardboard and paper recycling.

Results: Diverting 10,400 lbs. of cardboard and paper annually.

REM Millwork

REM Millwork designs and installs custom cabinetry for businesses and high end homes across the country. As part of their operations, REM generates a significant amount of paper and cardboard waste. Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation was able to meet with REM Millwork at no cost, thanks to a partnership with Anoka County. At the site visit, Waste Wise identified a significant portion of their waste stream could be easily recycled by area haulers. Waste Wise made a recommendation to introduce recycling capabilities for these materials and offered assistance in getting things set up.

After the short, no cost consultation, REM quickly added cardboard and paper recycling to their existing service and began diverting waste immediately. By continuing to partner with their existing hauler, ACE Solid Waste, REM Millwork quickly completed a hassle-free improvement resulting in a large volume of waste diversion. An estimated 10,400 pounds previously going to the landfill is now being recycled annually. “It’s easy to do and it makes a difference,” said John Tourville, a leader at REM. Now REM’s commitment to responsible use and disposal of their waste aligns with the commitment they have to designing and creating quality cabinetry from renewable resources.

Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation continues to work with REM Millwork in an attempt to find responsible outlets for two other large volume waste streams, sawdust and medium density fiberboard (MDF) scraps.