Carpool to Work Month

Anoka County Carpool to Work Month is held in October. The purpose is to encourage people who commute to work in Anoka County to join a carpool. During the month of October, people who pledge to carpool to work at least once per week (or four times) have the chance to win $25 gasoline cards! We hope the gasoline cards will be used for future carpooling endeavors! 

Create a Free Commuter Account

Find a carpool by using Metro Transit’s free online matching tool that connects you with others who are traveling the same direction and time. To use the tool, you must create a free commuter account. Once you create an account, you’ll be entered into a regional ridematching database. If you don’t find a match at first, keep checking. People like you are added every day. 

A free commuter account also allows you to track your trips through Metro Transit’s Trip Tracker. If you log at least one trip per month, (other than driving by yourself) you’re automatically entered into a monthly $100 gift card drawing. 

Use MnPass

MnPASS are express lanes located in the Twin Cities Metro that help maintain traffic flow, reduce congestion and give drivers a safe and reliable commute. Transit buses, carpools with two or more people and motorcycles can use the express lanes for free. If you are a regular carpooler, you do not need to sign up to use the lanes.