Information Technology

Our Mission and Goal

Our Mission is to align and deliver cost-effective technology strategies and services in partnership with County Division, Departments and Offices, other local jurisdictions, and the public.

Our Goal is to help the County's programs and services successfully meet their business objectives while enabling innovation through technology.  We accomplish this by gathering information about our users' needs, identifying solutions, and facilitating the implementation, support, training, and ongoing resources needed to meet those needs.

Key Themes

The themes that drive our department may change based on County priorities, user and business needs, and changes in the industry.  Much of our work currently revolves around the following:

  • Innovation: We are committed to exploring emerging technologies and implementing creative solutions to provide greater value for our users.
  • Adaptability: We must continue to strike a balance between changes in technology and the needs of our users and our constituents, while ensuring we are making financially prudent investments in our environment.
  • Reliability: We are committed to providing reliable information resources and infrastructure to the County through excellent support in a timely and friendly manner.
  • Collaboration: We collaborate as partners with customers, vendors, and each other to promote an environment that leads to continuous improvement of County services.  We encourage and harness collaboration among divisions, departments, and offices for serving the common good.
  • Information Security: We all hear about new and emerging cyber threats (i.e., viruses, ransomware) all the time.  We need to ensure we are constantly monitoring our environment, and applying new and improved security measures as needed.

Our Organization

We are a "one stop shop" for all the County's technology needs.  Our staff includes over 60 technology professionals who consult with our customers on a variety of technology needs, from building applications to installing and maintaining the 2,300 PCs that are used every day.Level 1: Department Administration. Level 2: Infrastructure Services; End User Technology Services;