Corner Express


What: Adding recycling to gas pump islands, behind the counter in the store, and expanding recycling to both tenants, Wiseguys Pizza and Platinum Liquors.

Why: To reduce waste, recycle more, and gain compliance with the 2016 recycling mandate.

How: Used Anoka County’s grant to get bins and signs. Used MN Waste Wise assistance to place bins and educate tenants.

Results: Diverting over 50,000 pounds of recyclable material annually.

Corner Express Storefront

Waste Wise first met with Todd Steffen, owner of a small commercial strip in Centerville in the Spring of 2016. Following this meeting and Waste Wise’s recycling recommendations; Todd decided that he would like to add recycling to his gas station at the pump islands, store entrances, and also inside the store for employees to use when disposing their daily recyclables such as cigarette cartons, pop bottles, and old office paper. Todd also wanted to extend this recycling program to his neighbors, to Wiseguys Pizza and Pub and Platinum Liquors.

Once all of the free bins and signs had arrived, Waste Wise came out to Corner Express to set up the bins, place signage on and above them,and educate the owners of each of the participating businesses. With 8 yards of weekly recycling service added with Ace Solid Waste, the entire property was ready to begin their improved recycling activities.

“Things have gone very well, we’re recycling a lot more and seeing much less in our trash dumpster,” said Steffen. The estimated waste diversion is remarkable too! Now over 50,000 pounds of material is being recycled every year.

The road to recycling improvements was relatively easy with the assistance that they received too! Signs are up to encourage the public to participate, and magnets have been added to the dumpsters so that all employees fully understand where to place waste and recycling after it has been collected. Steffen commented “We’re thankful to Anoka County and Waste Wise for the assistance they provided to make sure we’re doing the right thing and recycling, it is good to know we’re compliant with this new recycling rule too!”