Proceedings Subsequent to Initial Registration

Once title to land is registered, most voluntary instruments executed by the registered owner or one with a registered interest, such as deeds, mortgages, assignments, contracts for deed and assignments, easement agreements, leases and assignments, and declarations of restrictions, if in proper form, will be accepted by the Registrar of Titles for filing. Also, various involuntary instruments, such as mechanic's lien statements, certified copies of judgments, execution and levies, attachments, notices of lis pendens, final certificates in condemnation, certified copies of resolutions by municipalities vacating land in streets or alleys and county auditor certificates as to title forfeiture for non-payment of delinquent taxes, if in proper form, will be accepted by the Registrar of Titles for filing.

However, there are several instances in which it is necessary to commence a "Proceeding Subsequent to Initial Registration of Land", examples of which are:

  1. To adjudicate the validity of a Cancellation of a Contract for Deed and delete the memorial of it, or to obtain a new certificate of title following a foreclosure of a mortgage by advertisement.
  2. To obtain a new certificate of title pursuant to tax sale, unless the forfeiture documents have been memorialized on the certificate for ten years or more.
  3. To amend the land description on a certificate of title.
  4. Other matters affecting a person’s registered interest for which notice must be given.



Updated:  5/4/22
(Order to Show Cause/Initial Registration)


Due to Supreme Court Order ADM20-8001 (Minn. filed April 19, 2022), Examiner of Title hearings will be remote via WebEx until further notice.  When submitting an Order to Show Cause, you must now use the UPDATED Order to Show Cause form.  Hearings will continue to be held on Thursdays starting at 1:00 p.m.


Please be aware:   Order to Show Cause processing times will be prolonged due to working remotely; consider this when selecting a hearing date.




  • We are limiting the number of Order to Show Cause/Initial Registration hearings held on each date to four (4).   Verify available hearings dates by visiting our website:  
  • Please have a back-up date in the event the date you’ve chosen is already full.

ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE (OSC) documents should be emailed (in Word format) directly to Tracy Ekberg at   

PROPOSED ORDERS should be also be emailed (in Word format) to Tracy at the email above at least 5 days before the hearing date.

Instructions (COMING SOON)

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  • Instructions for contested Proceedings Subsequent
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  • Next steps after an Interlocutory Order is signed
  • Pleading bankruptcy allegations
  • Appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem by an adverse party