Programs and Services for Seniors


  1. The State of Minnesota offers individuals, 65 and older, the following programs to receive in home supports and services. Recipients of the Alternative Care (AC) Program and Elderly Waiver (EW) receive case management services and a choice of services and supports that will best meet their needs based on assessment outcomes. Eligibility for all programs is determined using the MnCHOICES assessment. Click here to learn how to schedule your MnCHOICES assessment.
  2. Alternative Care (AC) Program{alternativecare}

    The Alternative Care (AC) Program is for individuals, over the age of 65, with low income and assets who do not qualify for Medical Assistance. This program provides financial assistance for seniors, who meet nursing facility level of care, to allow access to home care services and supports. AC Program recipients may choose to self-direct their services through the Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) option.

  3. Elderly Waiver (EW){elderlywaiver}

    The Elderly Waiver (EW) promotes community living and independence with services and supports that address each person’s individual needs and choice. The Elderly Waiver is for individuals, over the age of 65, who are on Medical Assistance and have an assessed need for supports and services that will assist them to avoid or delay institutional care. EW Waiver recipients may choose to self-direct their services through the Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) option.

  4. Essential Community Supports (ECS){essentialcommunitysupports}

    Essential Community Supports (ECS) is a program available to individuals, over the age of 65, who are not eligible for Alternative Care (AC) or Elderly Waiver (EW). Individuals applying for ECS do not meet eligibility for Medical Assistance or nursing facility level of care, but may qualify for up to $428 per month for services needed to live in the community.

  5. Personal Care Assistance (PCA) Program{pcaprogram}

    The Personal Care Assistance (PCA) Program provides services to individuals who need assistance with day to-day activities to encourage more independence in their own home. A personal care assistant (PCA) is trained to assist with basic daily routines such as dressing or bathing. A PCA may be able to assist you if you have a physical, emotional, or mental disability, a chronic illness or an injury.

  6. Home Care Services{homecareservices}

    Home Care Services provide medical and health-related services and assistance with day-to-day activities to individuals in their home. These services can be used to provide short-term care for individuals moving from a hospital or nursing home back into their home or to provide continuing care to individuals with ongoing needs.