Rules for Use of Buildings

  1. A person may enter a County library during business hours for the purpose of transacting library business. Library users are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and with respect for others when using library facilities and resources.
  2. Young children or unattended individuals for whom the staff has a reasonable basis to be concerned for their safety must, at all times, be accompanied and supervised by an adult. Anoka County Library staff is not responsible for the care, safety, or supervision of vulnerable individuals.
  3. No person shall cause a nuisance within the library or its grounds. Causing a nuisance as defined in Minnesota Statute § 561.01 as anything that is:
    • Harmful to the health of a person, or
    • Offensive to the senses of a person, or
    • An obstruction to the free and unrestricted use and enjoyment of the library property by other persons.
  4. Examples of unacceptable behaviors that will not be permitted, include but are not limited to:
    • Using audio devices including cell phones that cause a disturbance for others,
    • Tobacco or alcohol use,
    • Running, roller-skating, skateboarding, rollerblading, or similar inappropriate activities,
    • Horseplay or fighting,
    • Willfully annoying, harassing, or threatening another person
      • Conveying threats of any kind of physical force or harm
      • Using obscene, abusive or racially charged language
      • Engaging in sexual misconduct
      • Stalking, staring or invading personal space
      • Solicitation of funds, panhandling, gambling, selling, advertising or petitioning for contributions or support.
      • Failure to wear shirts and/or shoes
  5. No person shall intentionally steal, vandalize or damage the real and personal property of other library users, the library or library grounds.
  6. Library furniture or equipment may not be moved without the permission of the library staff. Furniture and equipment may be used only for their intended purpose. All persons shall, after a reasonable length of time and/or when requested by the library staff, yield machines, conference rooms, meeting rooms, or library materials to others.
  7. Persons using library Internet workstations and wireless access points must follow the Library's Internet Policy. If individuals adhere to the Internet Policy, they may connect headsets and USB flash drives to Library Computers. No other devices may be attached to the Library’s network.
  8. Covered beverage containers are allowed in the library. Food and uncovered beverages are allowed only in designated areas.
  9. All animals are prohibited from entering Library facilities, with the exception of service animals, service animal trainees and animals featured in programs sponsored by Anoka County Library.

The Library reserves the right to search bags, briefcases, etc., upon probable cause in instances when staff has objective facts and a person of ordinary care and prudence has reason for honest and strong suspicion that a crime has been committed.

Anyone violating these rules is first warned by Library staff. If the conduct continues the offender will be ordered to leave the premises.

Patrons who engage in threatening, abusive, or willfully malicious behavior or other serious infractions of the rules will be expelled from the building and grounds without warning. Staff members, at their discretion, may call for law enforcement.

Failure to observe these rules may lead to revocation of Library privileges, including the right to visit the buildings and grounds. Persons ordered from the premises who do not comply may be subject to arrest and prosecution for trespassing. Anyone wishing to appeal their loss of library privileges may submit an appeal in writing to the Library Director.