Assistance Through the Process

Connecting with an Advocate from the Scene

Advocate Protocol VideoAlexandra House is a domestic and sexual violence agency located in Anoka County that offers free, confidential services to individuals who are experiencing, or who have experienced, domestic or sexual violence.

Depending on the results of a lethality assessment screen, you may be connected to an advocate immediately following an incident.

Medical Care

Medical CareIf you need medical care following an assault, nurses from Allina Forensic Nursing Program are available to complete a forensic exam in addition to an advocate.

Alexandra House Services

Advocate’s Role in the Process VideoAlexandra House legal advocates will follow up with you the next business day to provide support and information about what happens next. There is also a 24-hour helpline available to all victims.

Victim/Witness Specialists

Victim/Witness VideoSpecialists from the prosecutors' offices are available to assist you through the criminal justice system if your felony case is handled by the County Attorney's Office. Some cities may offer it for misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor cases.

  1. For more information on IDAPP, please call 763324-4807

    Alexandra House Help Line

    For safe, confidential and free services, please call our 24-hour Help/TTY line at 763-780-2330 or toll-free at 888-780-2332.

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