IDAPP (Intensive Domestic Assault Pre-trial Program)

IDAPP is a free and voluntary program that supervises high-risk defendants while their case is pending in court.

DANCO (Domestic Abuse No Contact Order)

A DANCO is ordered by a judge and prevents the defendant having any contact with the victim.


A crime punishable by a fine of $1,000 and/or county jail time for up to 90 days.  City attorneys handle the prosecution of misdemeanor crimes.

Gross Misdemeanor

The most serious misdemeanor crimes and punishable by up to one year in jail and/or a fine up to $3,000. City attorneys handle the prosecution of gross misdemeanor crimes.


The most serious level of crime and is punishable by at least a year in prison.  Some crimes that are not defined as felonies can be charged as a felony if the offender has certain prior convictions.  The county attorney’s office is responsible for the prosecution of felony crimes.

OFP (Order for Protection)

A civil order that a victim requests and requires court approval.

Call Taker

The person who answers the call for help and stays on the line with the caller.


A dispatcher communicates via radio with the first responder (police, fire, medical).

Primary Call

The first call for help received.

High Risk

Individuals deemed high risk have a high probability of being severely injured or killed.


A person charged with a crime.


A person who acts as a link to assist communication between groups of people.