Domestic Abuse No Contact Order (DANCO)

DANCO: an order issued in a domestic abuse criminal case prohibiting a defendant from having contact with you or your residence. Learn about protective orders here. Visit our Orders of Protection page to learn more.


  1. Is the court process for city attorney cases and county attorney cases the same?{cc1}

    The court process for City Attorney cases and County Attorney cases are similar. City Attorneys handle misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor level crimes and the County Attorney's office handles felony level crimes.

  2. How long does the court process take?{cc2}

    In Anoka County misdemeanor cases are set for a 60-day timeline from the date of the defendant's first appearance to the date of trial. With gross misdemeanor and felony cases, the case is set for a 90-day timeline from the date of the first appearance to the date of trial.

  3. Why are domestic assault cases handled so quickly?{cc3}

    This accelerated timeline has been adopted for a number of reasons including memories of the incident are fresh, witnesses are generally available, programming can begin quickly and providing a quick resolution for defendants, victims, and families.

  4. How many times will I have to go to court?{cc4}

    A victim is generally not required to attend court unless they have received a subpoena to appear, generally for the trial. A victim is welcome to come to all of the court appearances. With misdemeanor cases, there are generally three court appearances. With gross misdemeanor and felony cases, there may be as many as five court appearances.

  5. What happens between court dates?{cc5}

    Between court dates, the prosecutor will be monitoring and assessing the defendant's progress in the IDAPP program, if applicable. The defendant's performance in IDAPP may be considered for negotiation purposes.

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