Fee and Fine Policy

The Anoka County Library Board shall annually review, recommend to the Anoka County Board of Commissioners, and publish a schedule of fines and fees that may include: fines for overdue materials and charges for other services as shall be deemed necessary. Overdue fines will be charged for the express purpose of encouraging the prompt return of materials so that access to such items is enhanced for other borrowers. Charges may include collection fees and revenue recapture if a borrower’s account is referred to a collection agency or another Anoka County department due to non-return of materials. Fees and charges will be reviewed at least annually. Recommended changes will be referred to the Anoka County Board of Commissioners for its consideration at its semi-annual fee review hearing.


This policy is reviewed every four (4) years, or as needed, by the Library Director (or designee) who makes recommendations to the Library Board Policy Committee.  The Committee reviews and revises as necessary, endorses and advances to the full Library Board for approval.

Policy History
Date Approved: May 2022
Next Review Date: May 2026