Fee and Fine Schedule

Overdue Fines

The Library will charge an overdue fee for the purpose of recovering the cost of notification and to encourage the prompt return of materials. Prompt availability reduces the number of duplicate copies needed to supply the needs of the library’s customers.

CategoryDaily Amount Per ItemMaximum Charge Per Item
Cataloged materials
(hardbound and paperback books, audio, magazines, etc.)
Adult: $0.30
Juvenile: $0.10
Adult: $7.00
Juvenile: $2.00
Uncataloged materials
(pamphlets, etc.)
Adult: $0.30
Juvenile: $0.10
Adult: $2.00
Juvenile: $1.00
VideoAdult: $0.30
Juvenile: $0.10
Adult: $7.00
Juvenile: $2.00
Mobile Hotspot$1.00


Overdue fees will be charged for materials not returned at the end of the loan period. Fines begin the day after the date due.

The Library Director, and/or designee, is authorized by the Library Board to mitigate overdue fine amounts under approved guidelines whenever it is in the best interest of the library and the public.

Overdue Collection Fees

When overdue accounts reach a set amount (currently $75.00), they are referred to Anoka County Collections. When and account is sent to Anoka County Collections for their action, their fee (currently $10.00) is passed through to the overdue account.

Lost and Damaged Materials

Library staff has the responsibility to manage the assets of Anoka County Library in a fiscally prudent manner while still providing good customer service. Normal wear and tear of materials is to be expected as part of the cost of doing business. Library staff will not assess charges for minor damage to library materials (e.g. lost or damaged barcode labels, torn pages, marked pages, damaged covers, etc.), unless the item is damaged beyond repair. Overdue fines will still apply.

Overdue fees will not be assessed when a customer is charged replacement and processing fees for lost items or items damaged beyond repair.

These rules are provided to assist staff in dealing with instances when normal wear and tear is exceeded.

  • Items Damaged Beyond Repair

    Library staff is responsible for assessing charges when items are returned in person or in the book drop. If there is doubt as to the origin of the damage, the customer will not be charged.

    When customers are charged for damages the cost will be based on the following guidelines.

    A processing fee of $8.00 will be added to the cost of print items and $10.00 for media materials, partially reimbursing the library’s reordering and processing cost incurred in replacing the lost or damaged items.

  • Lost Items

    30 days after the due date, an item is declared lost; a replacement fee and processing fee are automatically billed to the customer at that time.

  • Lost Mobile Hotspot

    Patrons will be billed a $90 replacement fee and $10 processing fee for lost mobile hotspots.

  • Lost Key Card

    Key cards are checked out to patrons to use the Centennial Library meeting room before/after the library's regular hours. Key Cards will be considered lost if not returned within 48 hours and a $20 fee will be billed to the customer at that time.

  • Lost Key Fobs

    Key fobs are issued to patrons who want to receive access to the Library Lockers at the Johnsville, Mississippi, Northtown, and St. Francis libraries before/after the library's regular hours. A $10 replacement fee will apply if the key fob is lost.

  • In-Kind Replacements

    In-Kind Replacements will not be accepted.

  • Refunds

    Refunds will not be made for materials for which a customer has lost and paid.

User Fee

ACL will pass on to the user the actual cost of fees it is charged for the cost of obtaining material ordered by a customer.

Library Card Replacement

The library will assess a fee of $2.00 to replace a lost library card for a currently registered borrower. Replacement cards will be reissued free of charge to individuals whose library card has expired. Replacement cards will also be reissued free of charge to borrowers who have damaged cards. Borrowers whose accounts have been barred or sent to Anoka County Collections will not receive reissued cards until their accounts have been cleared.

Non-Resident Library Card - $60 annually

Persons residing outside of the Minnesota State Borrower’s Compact areas may purchase a non-resident card for $60 per year.

Prints / Copies on Library Equipment
Equipment UsedFee per CopyLocations Where Available
Black & White Copies
Color Copies
All Buildings
Microfilm Reader Printers$0.10Northtown Library
Dishonored Check Fee

The current fee is $30.00. This fee is charged at the County and will change when County Finance and Central Services change the fee schedule for the County.

Meeting Room Service Fee

A $25 per hour (minimum charge $50) for any additional cleaning needed after meeting room use.

New Merchandise

The library may sell certain merchandise for the convenience of its users and/or that enhance the library program. Items will be sold at a price sufficient to recover the cost incurred by the library in providing it to the buyer.

Loan Periods

Library materials will be loaned to users for the following loan periods:

Category / Type of MaterialsLoan Period
Books, magazines, audio, book-CD sets, videos and all items not otherwise specified, if not overdue, and if no reserves21 days
Homebound Books45 days
Mobile Hotspots21 days
Book Club in a Bag6 weeks


This policy is reviewed every four (4) years by the Library Director (or designee) who makes recommendations to the Library Board Policy Committee.  The Committee reviews and revises as necessary, endorses and advances to the full Library Board for approval.

Policy History

Date Approved:  September 26, 2022
Next Review Date:  September 2026