Jurisdictions and Municipalities

The Sheriff’s Office provides a wide variety of services to all residents and communities in the county as well as specific, contracted services to some municipalities.


The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for:

  • The Anoka County Jail, which is the primary intake and booking facility for all county law enforcement agencies
  • Service of legal court documents, such as domestic abuse orders for protection and orders for seizure
  • Investigation of felony-level crimes not assumed by local police departments
  • Law enforcement training to all police agencies in the county
  • Crime lab services, and many other services

Primary Law Enforcement

The Sheriff’s Office is also the primary law enforcement agency for the following municipalities:

As the primary law enforcement agency, the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for:

  • Response to 911 citizen requests for service related to:
    • accidents
    • misdemeanor and felony-level crimes
    • traffic complaints
    • domestic disputes
  • Community policing services such as:
    • Neighborhood Watch
    • Operation ID
    • Victim Services

Anoka County City Police Departments

Besides the Sheriff’s Office, Anoka County has the following police departments to serve its communities: