1. What is a CIP or Capital Improvement Plan?

    The Capital Improvement Plan has two components:
    1. a five-year plan 
    2. a one-year capital budget 
    The CIP identifies projects that will support existing and projected needs in the following categories:
    • Parks
    • Road and Bridge
    • Facilities
    • Information Technology
    • Other
    The CIP is created with multiple planning documents that are updated frequently by county staff. The CIP is a planning tool used to ensure that funding is both used and sourced appropriately for large county projects. Considering Anoka County has a fixed amount of resources, prioritizing these resources is an essential step in reducing costs and increasing revenue. Creating the CIP plan aids the county in determining what projects should receive priority and is an essential part of creating a countywide strategic plan.
  2. What qualifies as a Capital Improvement Plan project?

    Projects that are over $100,000 are given the Capital Improvement Program designation. Once this designation is applied, the Anoka County Board will vote to approve or deny projects that advance Anoka County's strategic plan.
  3. What is the Property Tax Levy and what is it for?

    Each year, Anoka County completes a budget process to determine what services will be provided, how much these services will cost, and where Anoka County will source the funds to provide these services. Once this process is complete, the portion Anoka County will be responsible for collecting is referred to as the property tax levy.   

    The property tax “levy” can also be thought of as the amount of money that is collected or “levied” against taxable property. The levy amount is determined for each tax payer by calculating the “levy rate”. This property tax levy rate is calculated by dividing the total amount of the property tax levy by the total taxable assessed value of a jurisdiction.
  4. Who approves the Levy?

    Anoka County's levy and rates are evaluated and set annually by the Anoka County Board of Commissioners.
  5. What is Truth in Taxation?

    The Proposed Property Tax Notice, also known as the Truth in Taxation Notice, is mailed in mid-November each year. The notice estimates the property tax you will pay in the following year if the Anoka County Board of Commissioners approve the levy as it was originally proposed in late September.
  6. What does the property tax pay for?

    Property taxes are assessed to property owners within Anoka County. These property owners' share of the total cost of local government represents the value of property taxes that are assessed. The taxes received by property owners are used to help support a variety of valuable resources in the county, cities, and schools. Please see our OpenGov site to review the projects that utilize property tax monies levied and sourced by Anoka County funds.
  7. What is the Capital Budget?

    The goal of the Capital Budget is to enhance the safety, security and service to the constituents and visitors of Anoka County. The Capital budget contains appropriations and expenditure authorizations related to capital expenditures for the soonest approaching budget year. The Budget also includes proposed estimates for the four future years following the soonest approaching budget year. The details of the capital expenditures, which include both equipment and infrastructure items, are shown within the County’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and Capital Equipment Plan (CEP).

  8. What is the Capital Equipment Plan?

    The Capital Equipment Plan includes purchases related to vehicles and equipment, information technology support equipment, and, miscellaneous support equipment. Appropriations or Expenditures greater than $25,000 are eligible to receive the Capital Improvement Plan designation along with all vehicles.