Truth in Taxation

The Board of Commissioners approved the final levy and budget at the December 1st Board of Commissioners regular meeting. The final Anoka County property tax levy was reduced to 10.4% from the preliminary property tax levy of 15.44% approved on September 26.  The final certified levy amount for 2024 is now $156,688,155.  To have a balanced budget for next year, the county will take $7,153,154 from its asset preservation fund, a resource that is normally used for maintaining facilities and equipment.

The 2024 proposed budget reflects the priorities of the county to provide safe roads and eliminate congestion; work with residents to improve their lives; protect and serve the community in a manner that preserves public trust; attract and retain an engaged, skilled county staff; and provide clear, accurate and effective information to residents and staff about county initiatives. 

Note: Anoka County only has authority over the county portion of the property tax bill; cities and school districts have their own taxing authority. For more information about property tax statements, please visit the Property Records and Taxation page.