Housing with Services

Anoka County licenses housing with services and support, these facilities help people live independently in the housing option and community of their choice. No matter where a person lives, help and support can be matched to that person’s unique needs. Whether you are opening a newly constructed facility or are remodeling an existing home to be used as housing with services, you must obtain a license from the County in addition to any licenses from the state of Minnesota.  

Licensing Your Facility

Here are the steps outlining the process to obtain a license for your facility.  

  1. Complete the Plan Review Application and submit the supporting information/documents as described on the Plan Review Application.
  2. Submit fees for the Plan Review Application (this is a one-time fee).
  3. Contact the local Planning and Zoning Department to confirm there are no restrictions on the location of the proposed lodging business to license.
  4. When a septic system will be used, provide documents the septic system has been approved by the city building official.  
  5. When a private well will be used, request Anoka County Public Health to inspect the well.  A water sample must be collected by the county health department. The water sample will be tested at a certified testing lab to confirm the water is a safe drinking water source.
  6. Notify a local fire chief that a lodging home will be opened and report the total number of residents/staff that will be in the home.  All fire protection measures must be in accordance with requirements of the state fire marshal.
  7. Submit the Plan Review application, fee and supporting documents to the health department.
  8. Plan review by the health department will begin. The applicant may be contacted by phone and email for information.  A plan review letter will be returned to the applicant to confirm that construction/remodeling can begin.
  9. City building official must inspect and approve any new construction, remodeling or electrical or plumbing fixtures prior to receiving licensing approval from Anoka County Public Health Department. Electrical and plumbing work must be performed by a licensed electrician or plumber.
  10. Schedule a pre-licensing inspection with Anoka County Public Health Department.
  11. Contact Anoka County Public Health for a pre-licensing application.  Complete, sign and return the pre-licensing application and  fee to schedule the pre-licensing inspection.  The home will be inspected based on the MN Food Code 4626 and MN Lodging Code 4625 with guidance documents on Anoka County Public Health and Environmental Services Lodging page - Food and Lodging Establishments 10 and under and the Lodging Requirements.  
  12. The operating license period is from February 1st to January 31st of the following year and must be renewed annually.

The Minnesota Department of Health provides additional information stating all other licenses are required in addition to the Housing with Services (HWS) registration which must be obtained from the state for the home you will operate to house residents in transition (like a sober home) or that need assistance in their care, like recovery from surgery, physically or mentally disabled and unable to live at home or independently.
Housing with Services MDH Fact Sheet


Fact Sheet: Food and Lodging Establishments 10 and Under-New Construction or Remodel

Factsheet: Lodging Establishment Requirements