Property Tax Assistance Program

Property Tax Assistance  

Updated 5.19.2022

Anoka County Retired and Senior Volunteer Program will offer limited appointments by phone for the 2022 tax season.

 RSVP Staff will begin prescreening clients and mailing M1PR forms beginning June 27th, 2022, in preparation for scheduled appointments that begin on July 12th and run through August 11th     

The Property Tax Refund Assistance is designed to help senior citizens and people with disabilities who qualify for a state refund apply for their homeowners/renters’ Minnesota property tax refund.  Volunteer tax preparers will answer your property tax questions and assist you in filling out your M1PR form, which you will then mail to the MN Department of Revenue. 

For more information, please call 763-324-1480

The MN Department of Revenue allows you to file up to one year after the due date, therefore: 

  • The deadline to file your 2020 property tax refund is August 15, 2022. 
  • To receive your 2021 property tax refund, you must file the 2021 M1PR form by August 15, 2023. 

 Additional resources available to complete income and/or property tax, M1PR forms:

Business man

*John, an RSVP property tax volunteer, spent 2 hours coaching *Mary to complete her property tax refund, M1PR form through the RSVP virtual Property Tax Assistance Program.

In past years, Mary, and her husband *James attended an AARP/RSVP community tax site. James had recently passed away. He had always been the one to handle all of the financial matters including gathering tax information. Mary struggled to figure out what forms she needed to look for, let alone understand the information on them.  John was able to help her complete her M1PR, property tax form. He also noticed that she would benefit from filing federal income taxes to receive a refund for tax withholdings from her Social Security income. Mary was thrilled with the attentive service and relieved to receive a property tax refund! 

*Indicates names have been changed to protect identities.

In 2021, RSVP volunteers in collaboration with AARP assisted 1,254 clients virtually with income, property and mobile home tax forms which resulted in $1.3 million in returns to the community.