Write On! Teen Short Story Contest Winners 2022

Teens in Anoka County had a chance to show off their skills in Anoka County Library’s annual “Write On!” short story writing contest sponsored by the Anoka County Friends of the Library. Teens submitted a short story online beginning April 1, 2022, through April 30, 2022. 

Thank you to every single teen who submitted a story this year! We had a record number of submissions this year. The stories below were selected as the prize-winning stories in three categories of Grades 6-8, Grades 9-10, and Grades 11-12, as well as several stories that earned the distinction of "honorable mention."

Write On!

Grades 6-8

1st Place: Hannah Jurek, "Head Above Water"
2nd Place: Greta Graham, "Fake"
3rd Place: Katherine Quinn, "Evernight's Queen"

Honorable Mentions:
Aaron Clapp, "Twister"
Christian Hagen, "Overly Sensitive Undercover Agent"
Aidden Becker, "Knot"
Molly Siedschlag, "The Equine-Assisted Aerial Maneuver"

Grades 9-10

1st Place: Emmanuel Edebiri, "Argent"
2nd Place: Amaya Ahmed, "Meet Your Lover"
3rd Place: Rhett LeBeau, "The Wendigo and the Hunter"

Honorable Mentions:
Lucia Floan, "Building from Ashes"
Ian Longstreet, "5 Idiots and a Ship"
Alyssa Carlson, "Soar"
Sabrina Melius, "December Night"

Grades 11-12

1st Place: 
August Chaffin, "Hannah"
2nd Place: Madeline Gams, "The Gallows Song"
3rd Place: Caroline Wraneschetz, "Radio Silence"

Honorable Mentions: 
Clare Hendren, "The Great Fire and the Longest Night"
Megan Nguyen, "Stranger on the Phone"
Christina Zahn, "The Power of Pawns"
Amelia Resendiz-Olson, "Forever Rest"

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