Round Lake Blvd (CSAH 9) from 149th Lane NW to 157th Avenue NW

Project Summary

Project Background / Description
Anoka County, in partnership with the City of Andover, is developing a preliminary layout for Round Lake Boulevard (CSAH 9) from 149th Lane NW to 157th Avenue NW, with construction scheduled for 2024. The project is in the Preliminary Development Phase, permitting, traffic analysis, geotechnical explorations, and initial design. This project will consider corridor safety, traffic accommodations, and intersection geometrics. Other project elements will include concrete curb and gutter, installation of a storm drainage system, storm water ponding and treatment, a multi-use trail, ADA enhancements, and other associated safety improvements.

Project Goals
Provided below are the project goals being considered during the design and construction phase of this project:

  • Safely accommodate all users, including motor vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists;
  • Replace aging roadway infrastructure that is at the end of its life cycle;
  • Improve storm water management and treatment;
  • Reduce impacts and avoid, where appropriate, the natural resources and wetlands adjacent to the highway corridor;
  • Develop a financially responsible design, minimizing right-of-way and environmental resource impacts;
  • Continue to secure full project funding for project delivery and construction; and
  • Provide one traffic lane in each direction during construction.

Provided below is an overview of the project schedule, identifying key milestones in the process.   

  • City Engagement/Involvement and Public Meeting #1 – August 31, 2022, at Andover Seventh Day Adventist Church
  • Develop/Evaluate Concepts – Late Fall/Winter 2022/2023
  • Open House/Public Meeting #2 - January 24, 2023, at Andover Seventh Day Adventist Church 
  • Develop Geometric Layout – Winter 2022/2023
  • Preliminary Design – Winter/Spring 2023
  • Final Design – Summer/Fall 2023
  • Construction – Spring 2024

Current Layout - 04/04/2023

Project Contacts 

If you have any questions about the proposed project or would like to comment on any aspect of the project, please contact either of the representatives below: 

  • Jeff Foster, Engineering Technician IV
    763-324-3126 or Email
  • Nicholas Dobda, Manager, Engineering
    763-324-3118 or Email