METRO Green Line

The METRO Green Line is a light rail line running from Target Field in downtown Minneapolis to downtown St. Paul via University Ave and through the University of Minnesota campus.

Green Line Map

While the METRO Green Line does not make any stops in Anoka County, travelers from the County can take advantage of it by transferring from any of the following routes:

If transferring via Northstar, head up the escalator or elevator from the Target Field Station lower platforms to the Target Field Station light rail platforms. Wait for a Blue Line train to Mall of America.

From the METRO Blue Line, you can transfer to these other METRO light rail and bus rapid transit (BRT) services:

  • METRO Blue Line light rail - transfer at any downtown Minneapolis station
  • METRO Orange Line BRT - transfer at Nicollet Mall station
  • METRO A Line BRT - transfer at Snelling Ave Station (to the State Fairgrounds)
  • METRO C Line BRT - runs parallel to light rail along 7th St. in downtown Minneapolis
  • METRO D Line - runs parallel to light rail along 7th St. in downtown Minneapolis

How to Ride

Unlike Metro Transit buses, riders must have valid paid fare before boarding the train. However, Metro Transit Police Department officers may be aboard to check for valid tickets. More details and information about how to ride Metro Transit buses and trains can be found on Metro Transit's website.

There are three ways to pay for your ride:

  • The Metro Transit App lets you buy, store, and activate tickets anytime, anywhere, and is conveniently stored on your phone. You can find it on the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Metro Transit's smart fare card, Go-To Card, can be used at fare validation points. Refill your card at any station kiosk or on Metro Transit's website. Cards can be purchased at any Cub Foods or at a Metro Transit Service Center.
  • Customers looking to pay with cash or credit/debit card in-person, can do so at the ticket kiosk at each station. You will receive a physical ticket that is good for transfers on buses and light rail trains for two hours after purchase.

Quick Transfer to the University of Minnesota

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METRO light rail trains are accessible. All stations and trains feature level boarding and space for wheelchair users, as well as dedicated seating for seniors and people with mobility issues. Platforms are slightly raised but stations feature gentle ramps  and all facilities are ADA-accessible.

METRO Green Line Extension

The Metropolitan Council and Metro Transit are currently constructing an extension to the southwest suburbs, referred to as Southwest LRT. While the line is not slated to enter Anoka County, commuters may be interested in utilizing the service as it will offer a one-seat ride to Eden Prairie via Hopkins, St. Louis Park, Southwest Minneapolis from downtown. For updates and more information about the extension project, please visit the Metropolitan Council's project overview website.