Commuting by Bike in Anoka County

Full bike rack

Minneapolis and Saint Paul are consistently listed among the best cities for biking in the country - and a big contributor of this is the interconnected nature of the region's trails and cycletracks. There are over 85 miles of trails in the Anoka County Park system alone - it's much easier than you'd think to get to countless local and regional destinations by bike or e-bike.

Metro Transit's buses, trains, and stations have bikes in mind - all have storage to help you maximize your sustainable commute or take you on new adventures across the region every day.


Benefits of Biking for Transportation

Skip traffic

Combine your workout and your commute to save time and money. Pre-pandemic, the average Twin Cities resident spent about 52 hours per year stuck in traffic.

Mental health management

Research has repeatedly shown that low-impact physical activity, like biking and walking, can help you manage stress, anxiety, and depression.

Save money by reducing your car usage

Save on gas, EZ Pass tolls, and wear and tear and your car by bike commuting - AAA estimates that in 2023, accounting for insurance, gas, car payments, and depreciating value, the average real cost of car ownership for Americans is $10,728 per year.

Enjoy Anoka County's natural resources

Instead of being stuck in traffic, you'll be among our region's most beautiful landscapes, with dramatic views of the Mississippi River, significant mileage of shaded trails, and traveling through iconic Anoka County locations like the Coon Rapids Dam, historic downtown Anoka, and Springbrook Nature Center.

Know Before You Go

Research your route before you head out, especially if you are new to city cycling. Some major routes, like the Mississippi River Regional Trail, require some amount of shared road cycling.

Real conditions may differ

Services like Google Maps may provide "bikeable" routes, but they don't account for real-world conditions. It is good to know an alternative route should you need one. Strava, a fitness community app, is a great way to see heat maps of where other cyclists are riding.

Sidewalk riding is allowed in most of Anoka County

In Minnesota, bicyclists are permitted to bike on sidewalks except within central business districts. For example, biking on sidewalks is prohibited in downtown Anoka, but you may still bike on shared-use paths or on roads/streets. For most places in Anoka County, sidewalk cycling is permitted.

Do a safety check before you ride

Do an "ABC" check on your bike before you leave - check the air, brakes, and chain to ensure your bike is in working order. Learn more about basic bike checks on the League of American Bicyclists' website.