Getting to Anoka Halloween Celebrations

Getting to and from the Anoka Halloween celebrations shouldn't feel like a horror movie or bad nightmare. Skip the drive and take transit, bike, walk, or carpool to the festivities!


What events are happening, where are they happening, and when?

  • Big Parade of Little People, Anoka Main St, Friday, October 27 @ 1:15 PM
  • Spooktacular Carnival, Anoka Middle School, October 28 @ 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Anoka Gray Ghost Halloween 5K, Franklin Elementary School, October 28 @ 12:45 PM
  • Grande Day Parade, Anoka Main St, October 28 @ 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM

There are lots of events happening, so be sure to check the official Anoka Halloween website for more events and information.

Riding your Bike or Walking

The Anoka Halloween celebrations showcase the lovely, dense, walkable areas around downtown Anoka and along the Rum and Mississippi rivers. It's also a great way to stay active during a holiday of so many sweet treats.

Spooky Seasonal Strolls

Getting to and from the parade is a great opportunity to try pedaling or walking to get where you need to go. Walk through Anoka's historic neighborhoods and enjoy elaborate and spooky Halloween yard and home displays that will surely send chills down your spine! Many businesses and institutions in downtown Anoka offer bike parking, including two racks at the Anoka County Government Center.

The parades and 5K run aren't the only way Anoka gets in the spirit of being the Halloween Capital of the World. Take one of the many ghost tours offered during the season (and much of the rest of the year) to get an up-close experience with everything supernatural in Anoka.

Taking the Bus

Two transit routes serve downtown Anoka on Saturdays, the 805 and the 852. We have some great resources on taking the bus in and around Anoka County; click here to learn more about taking the bus to get around.

  • Route 852 is an express bus that runs between Anoka Technical College and downtown Minneapolis. Residents in Anoka, Coon Rapids, Fridley, and Minneapolis can use this bus to get to downtown Anoka for both weekdays and Saturday for the Grande Day Parade. You can find the 852 schedule here.
  • Route 805 is a local bus route that serves Coon Rapids/Fridley/Blaine and Anoka, running between downtown Anoka and Northtown Mall via Riverdale Mall. This is a great option for families living in Coon Rapids and Anoka to take a short trip to downtown Anoka. You can find the 805 schedule here.

Taking the Northstar

For festivities taking place during weekdays, Northstar is an option for getting to or from Anoka, but make sure you check a schedule before taking the train. Metro Transit does not currently offer service on weekends and has not announced special train service for the Grande Day Parade and other festivities over the weekend.

Carpooling and Park and Ride/Walk

Meeting friends and family at the parade? Pick them up on the way and share parking and split the cost of gas.


In downtown Anoka, public parking is available on 2nd Ave and Jackson, 5th Avenue/Van Buren and 1st Ave/Monroe. Handicap parking spots are available in those designated areas. Surrounding neighborhood streets available for additional parking.

Stuck Driving? Park and Walk!

If you're looking to park and enjoy a walk or bike ride through some of Anoka's historic neighborhoods with their elaborate Halloween displays, you can park at the Anoka Northstar Station parking ramp or surface lot and enjoy a 15-minute walk through the northside of downtown Anoka or along the Rum River on the Rum River Trail.

Map of Anoka (Click to download a PDF)

Map of Anoka, MN featuring transit information and biking infrastructure.