Why is a study needed?
Like many areas around the Twin Cities metropolitan region, Anoka County and the surrounding areas have experienced rapid growth. Anoka County has seen its population grow by more than 80,000, from 243,641 persons in 1990 to approximately 327,000 in 2006. Increased population has resulted in higher traffic volumes throughout the area. This increased traffic has been especially noticeable in the City of Lino Lakes on CSAH 34, also known as Birch Street, raising concerns about perceived congestion, safety and traffic signal needs. The CSAH 34 Corridor Study is the initial step in addressing these concerns.

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1. What is a corridor study, and what kinds of things does it look at?
2. What are the study limits?
3. Why is a study needed?
4. What is the project timeline?
5. What is a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)?
6. How can interested neighborhood representatives and the general public get involved with the study process?
7. Who is SRF Consulting Group, Inc.?