What is a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)?
The TAC group will work to help guide and direct the study processes and provide advice on technical analysis, presentation materials, study findings, and recommendations. In addition, the committee will provide a network to keep local leaders and elected officials informed. Members of the TAC include:
  • Jack Corkle, Sr. Multimodal Transportation Planner, Anoka County Highway
  • Curt Kobilarcsik, Engineering Program Manager, Anoka County Highway
  • Andrew Witter, Asst. Co. Engineer, Anoka County Highway Department
  • Karen Blaska, Park Planner, Anoka County Parks
  • Mike Grochala, Community Development Director, City of Lino Lakes
  • Jeff Smyser, City Planner, City of Lino Lakes
  • Jim Studenski, City Engineer, City of Lino Lakes
  • Mark Lindeberg, North Area Engineer, Mn/DOT Transportation Department
  • Rhonda Sivarajah, Anoka County Commissioner

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