How do I apply (homestead application)?

Applications are available in your county assessor’s office or can be downloaded from this website.

Disabled Veteran Exclusion application

Applications must be made by December 15 to qualify for the exclusion on the current year’s market value for taxes payable next year.

Veterans with a disability rating of 70% or higher will need to reapply annually.

Veterans who are totally and permanently disabled do not need to reapply after the initial approval. The property will continue to qualify for the value exclusion until there is a change in ownership or use of the property.

A surviving spouse may continue the exclusion under this provision after the veteran's death until such time as you remarry, sell, transfer, or otherwise dispose of the your property (whichever occurs first). Your property must have previously received the disabled veteran market value exclusion under the veteran’s qualifications. You must reapply annually by December 15 to continue to receive this exclusion.

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