What is my outdate?
Your scheduled release date will typically be determined on the next business day following your intake. Weekends and holidays are excluded. You should allow 24 hours for us to calculate your time to be served based on your court sentencing paperwork.

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1. Where is the Workhouse?
2. Do I get credit for time served in jail?
3. What is my outdate?
4. Can I work while I am at the Workhouse?
5. If I am gainfully employed, how many hours may I work per week?
6. How are Huber fees taken out of my account?
7. Can I search for a job while I am at the Workhouse?
8. May I order canteen while at the Workhouse?
9. How do I put money in my canteen or Huber account?
10. Is there medical personnel on staff at the Workhouse?
11. Is there a telephone I can use while at the Workhouse?