What is civil commitment?
Civil commitment is court-ordered treatment for persons who are mentally ill, chemically dependent, developmentally delayed, or sexually dangerous. The commitment process may result in the person being confined in a state-operated facility, community hospital or community treatment center, or may result in court-ordered treatment on an outpatient basis, depending on what is most appropriate.

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1. What is civil commitment?
2. If I think someone should be committed, do I have to go through the county, or can I file my own petition with the court?
3. What if the pre-petition screening team does not support commitment?
4. What criteria must be met for a petition to be filed?
5. Can the court require a mentally ill person to take antipsychotic medication?
6. Do persons who are civilly committed lose any rights/privileges of citizenship?
7. If a person is found incompetent to stand trial or not guilty of a crime due to mental illness or developmental delay, is the person automatically committed to a treatment facility?