How do you prepare for the hearings?
Although Conciliation Court hearings are informal, be adequately prepared to present your case. All parties are allowed to be represented by an attorney. All parties and witnesses who appear will testify under oath. The witnesses should be present and ready to testify. Be advised that written statements and affidavits of persons not present in court have very little value.

If a witness is reluctant to appear, you may get a subpoena to compel them to appear. You can get a subpoena from the Court Administrator by paying a fee determined by the courts for each witness being subpoenaed. You can also get a subpoena for documents which relate to your claim which the defendant or some other person has, but is unwilling to give you.

You should also bring to court all other evidence, such as receipts, repair bills, estimates, and other items which help prove your claim. You should prepare a list of facts you wish to present before you go to court. Organize your presentation to make it as clear and complete as possible.

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