What is an order for protection?
An Order for Protection (OFP) is a court order that will help protect you from domestic abuse. An OFP tells the person abusing you to stop harming or threatening you. Domestic abuse is defined as any of the following types of conduct or behavior between household or family members: physical harm, injury, assault, sexual assault, terroristic threats, or making a person fearful of harm, injury, or assault. Examples include hitting, kicking, pushing, choking, holding you down, threatening to harm or kill you or the children, forcing sex, or any sexual contact with a child.

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1. What is an order for protection?
2. Who can get an order for protection?
3. Do I need a court order to stop the abuse?
4. Where do I file for an OFP?
5. How do I get an OFP?
6. How does the respondent find out about this hearing and the order?
7. What happens at the hearing?
8. What happens after the hearing? How long am I protected?
9. What happens if the respondent violates the order?
10. How do I change, extend or dismiss an order for protection?