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1. My child must appear in court. Where do we go?
2. What will happen to me or (my child) when I go to court?
3. If my child is in detention, can I visit with my child before court?
4. My child has been ordered to provide a urine sample. What should we do?
5. How do I get in contact with my child’s probation officer?
6. What if my child has to miss an appointment with Anoka County Community Corrections?
7. What is the difference between generalist and intensive supervision?
8. What happens when my child is placed on probation for truancy?
9. Will I need to pay any of the costs for my child’s placement or treatment?
10. How do I pay restitution?
11. What happens if restitution is not paid by the ordered due date?
12. What is Evidence Based Practices (EBP)?
13. What is expungement?