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1. Can I use my Credit Card to pay for my Passport?
2. Is my Passport Real ID compliant?
3. Can I submit my DS-82 (renew by mail) application at your office?
4. Do I need to make an appointment to apply for a Passport?
5. Can I apply online?
6. Will I need my Social Security Card or Social Security Number when I apply for a Passport?
7. Can I get an Enhanced Driver's License at the Passport Center?
8. What forms of identification can I provide with my Passport Application?
9. Will the Passport Center take my Passport Photo?
10. How long does it take to receive my Passport?
11. Can I use a photocopy of my Birth Certificate for proof of U.S. citizenship for my Passport Application?
12. What type of U.S. Citizenship will I need to provide with my Passport Application?
13. Are minor children required to be present when processing their Passport Applications?
14. Can I expedite the processing time of my Passport Application?
15. What is the difference between a Passport Book and Passport Card?
16. Are both parents required to be present when applying for a minor child's Passport?